Why do you hate us?

Posted by Dana Mahmoud on 9. September 2012 in Humanrights, Politics |

Can I ask a question? Why the world hate us? Yes, us, Palestinian refugees? Why they claim to support our cause while they don’t spare a chance to insult us as individuals? Why Lebanon is denying assistance to Palestinian refugees fleeing Syria? Why Jordan is doing the same and have done the same with the Palestinians who ran away from Iraq when they were targeted in 2006-2007? Why Iraqis killed us and still detain many of us? Why Palestinians holding travel documents are denied entry to many world destinations? Why Norway is leaving Neda and me in limbo? Yes, Why do you hate us? All your actions show that you do, on the other hand your words are showing the opposite, but I’m obliged to believe your actions not what you say to me, so I’m asking you why? What did we do to deserve this? You were the ones who asked our grandparents to leave Palestine so you can liberate it from the Zionists who occupied it in 1948, you were the ones who asked us to be refugees and you offered your countries for us and made it impossible to seek return. You were the ones who signed all these refugees and stateless conventions, pretending to take your international responsibilities toward us and others in the same exact position. You were the ones who kept us stateless with no rights, you were the ones who made it almost impossible for us to move forward in life…But you know what we don’t hate you back, we love you, We love because we have been oppressed for so long to know that hatred only generate hatred and nothing good will come out of it!
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The picture show a dead Palestinian Child tried to flee the war in Syria with her family, found no country to accept them as refugees although they lived as refugees all their entire life, so they tried the next available option, crossing the sea to Europe, so they can finally have a decent life and stop being stateless… This child didn’t live to see her dream come true, but Neda and others are still alive they count on you don’t let them down!

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My family is originally Palestinian from Haifa. My grandparents (from both sides) were born in Haifa, which is now part of Israel. In 1948, during the conflict that followed the 1947 United Nations General Assembly Resolution 181 (11) ‘Future Government of Palestine’ (also called the Partition Plan for Palestine), my grandparents, on both sides, left for safety to Basra, Iraq. For 6 months they were in flight because of the violence and death that broke out in the Haifa region. Then they moved to Baghdad, Iraq. I call myself a Palestinian Iraqi female. I used to hold an Iraqi document that allowed me to legally live in Iraq and other countries, including the UAE – United Arab Emirates. This document was valid for me and my family until 2006. As a result of the war my family and I became stateless. In 2008, I applied for asylum, in Norway, for myself and my family. But we were refused legal permissions. In the process I applied with the UDI – the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration. We were refused after 22 months of waiting. I appealed the decision, but it was rejected. Why? For two reasons: Because our 1948 document of permissions from Iraq had been discontinued. Also, because we came to Norway, not from Iraq, but via the United Arab Emirates. Because of this, were not considered war victims. we could not return to the UAE or to Iraq legally. We feel we have been left with no life. We have no passports. No way of legal travel. No valid residency. No official recognition from the countries of our past. No recognition inside the country of our future – Norway where we now live. Now our future is vague. We are adrift, in pain, with no legal place to go. We are stateless and paperless. For the full story please check:

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