Norway – A children hostile country!

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Update June 11. 2013:

And now NEDA!:

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Action of Evil from Norway:
– The police smashed the window and took us half past one in the night
The time is 1:30 in the night it happened the family of Neda Ibrahim has feared most. The police came.

At 4:55, on the phone from the airport at Sola says Palestinian Neda (12):

Smashed window
– The police came half two in the night to fetch us. They smashed the window on our door to unlock from the outside.

It was the middle of the night and the whole family slept.

  • They came with torches and said we had to get dressed.

The family, consisting of Neda (12), Zoher (10), Dima (8) and small Nael (4) Romah mother and father Said, was taken out of the home and driven to the airport.

  • Much is left in the apartment. We did not bring us anything, but we just had to go.

It was a short conversation.

  • I have to go now because we have the control. We are going to Oslo now, and we will take flight on.

New Message
The time is 4:55 Neda told that the family was at the Sun, and that a plane would come in an hour and bring them to Oslo. Then they continued from there.

At that time they had not been able to talk with a lawyer, but had called physician at Children’s and adolescent psychiatry department at the CIS, Aina Vaage Basilier the CIS, and Kari Gellein in support group “Norway like Neda. Stop the deportation. ”

05.35 Neda sent a message.

  • We are going directly to Copenhagen.

So a new message a little later:

  • We are in the plane now. I’m not sure if the plane goes directly to Copenhagen.
  • Very severe
  • This is very serious. We are in touch with a lawyer Arild Humlen who have taken their case, which has sued the state at UNE for a judicial review of Immigration Appeals decision in this case. We hope the case is scheduled for court in the autumn. It’s terrible that they are sent before they tried their case. And it says something about the lack of rule of law and it says something about the closed decision-making process here. Therefore it is so important that the case is tried for the Norwegian judicial system, says Aina Basilier Vaage, physician at Children’s and adolescent psychiatry department at the CIS, and active in the support group.

She also points out there is a severe on the basis of the White Paper “Children fleeing” the Norwegian processing while remaining children were evaluated.

  • This is a family that will soon have been in Norway for 10 years, and that they can not be their case is tried is very serious.

Vaage said it is especially serious for these four children who have Norway as a country upbringing.

  • They speak better Norwegian than Arabic, and they have a strong connection to Norway. These are children who have lived under extreme pressure all his life, with parents who have been afraid of a forced return. It is traumatsik for the Familein. Not least for the kids.

Vaage responds that it was so important to get this family out just now.

  • Even if the parents have given false information about his identity, then we have the one thinking in Norway that we should not punish the children for the parent’s sins. Here we see just the kids who parents luggage. And thus you do not see the children’s needs. That is a serious situation. To think and do not in relation to other children in Norway. For example, in relation to the children of drug. There we see the children and help them.

Vaage emphasizes that children also specific health needs, and that it is bad that it is not taken into account.

The lawyer responds

-It seems like a brutal conduct and rowdy acts directly against the processes set in motion, says lawyer Arild Bumblebee to Eve magazine. He thinks when at the time of eviction.

The eviction comes namely before the Oslo District Court has fully considered the petition for deferred implementation. That’s according Bumblebee scheduled court hearing next week, and the Court had set 11 June as the deadline for comment on the preliminary injunction.

-It’s pretty special that I had respite during the day to deliver remarks to the court. This is contrary to all the practice I’ve had with this earlier, said Bumblebee. The lawyer does not believe it is random.

  • No, that’s not it. They knew that the decision was right around the corner, said Bumblebee.

Read more: Attorney react at time
His father collected once before
In May last year, had 12-year-old Neda told that she was the winner of the Annette Thommessen Memorial Prize. The joy lasted one day. Then came the message from police that she and the rest of the family could be deported any day.


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The children will be sent here ^^. One out of four was born in Norway.

Reblogged from Mark Geoffrey Kirshner

Norway – A children hostile country!

Norway – My country. I was born and raised here.

Norway – Historically viewed as a human rights defender.

Norway – An advocate for peace and reconciliation.


Despite protest from large parts of the political environment and the people of Norway, Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg approves that these children are sent out. http://www.newsdire.com/news/2689-norway-to-deport-450-ethiopian-asylum-seeker-children-norway-to-double-aid-to-ethiopia.html

Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg

“Some 450 children in Norway’s asylum seeker reception centres have been living in asylum seeker reception centres for three or more years, a quarter were born there. Some attend school, have Norwegian friends, and speak Norwegian.”

Throwing out these kids are heartbreaking and inhumane. It contradict what Norway has preached, and demolishes it’s good reputation as a defender of human rights. My heart is crying for our children. They are torn from friends, school and the Norwegian society. The only have references to Norway.

To further describe the rotten policies of Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg and his fellow conspirators:

Norway did establish a deportation agreement with the dictatorship of Ethiopia. (Read the agreement here). Norway doubled its aid to Ethiopia a month before the deal was made. This cannot be a coincidence, but a bribe! Other countries, including Sweden, have recently reduced the amount of aid given to the country on grounds of human rights violations.

Some of the children to be deported.Some of the children to be deported.

I am trying, with my means and capabilities, to set focus on this atrocity and trying to stop it! I’m not looking forward to the Easter holiday, because I do believe that the Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg’s fellow conspirators will use this opportunity to kick out more of our children!

Please sign this open letter petition to Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg!

Have a look at this too: “Shocked Ethiopians appeal to Norway to reverse deportation order

At last I will mention the Voice of the asylum-seekers in Norway:

Thank you for your attention!

Iver Neumann

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